We focused on the moon, femininity and the life cycle as a starting point. There was a unanimous desire to explore the elements and natural process of creation from a place that was very sentimental. Our home, where all three of us grew up by the sea in Dorset. This project became an opportunity to get lost in the water and the clay and create atmospheres through natural materials. Inspired by light, fire, pagan rituals indigenous to Dorset with artists---Ruth McGill and Theo Langton http://www.masquetherage.com--- 'bringing alive creatures from the dark places of the imagination' with a 'painstaking relationship between maker, materials, tools and the emerging piece' it was a very special experience on the full moon.
To us the images represent a playful side of childhood and freedom!

Lily Colfox

Alice Colfox

Joya Berrow

A video of the process!

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